Ongoing project resulting in photos and interactive video, 2018-present

For these works, I make pilgrimages in honor of people from the past I admire or study, particularly from the Weimar period such as Walter Benjamin, Valeska Gert and Magnus Hirschfeld. I make connection with progressive and artistic gains in a time of desperation and building intollerance. Looking for traces of the Weimar period led me to the 1970s and then the 1990s, other periods where creatives found what they needed to thrive in Berlin. I attempt to commune. The works in this series become relics of this longing.

Here They... Entered, video (silent).

Standing at the threshold of buildings that once housed Isadora Duncan, Marlene Dietrich, Christopher Isherwood, David Bowie, and others, I use reflection to peer in and out. This played at the center of the HERE installation where the only building entered is the building the exhibition is in, the steps viewers took just minutes before.  

Ufer, photograph from video, 2019.

This video is shot at a café a stone's throw from the multi-use performance complex Ufer Studios that was on the verge of loosing the space to luxury development at the time.

Contact, photograph, 2019.

A wall in Clärchens Ballhaus, active since 1913, demonstrates a nostalgic presentation of the past in contrasts the careful restoration debates of the early 1990s to decide how renovations of building in the former East Berlin might proceed: what to repair, and if to restore, to when?

Repair, photograph, 2019.

As I locate addresses and determine the age of building present, as I attempt to retrace steps: I am reminded of the remix of cobblestone caused by routine repairs.

Here They... Danced, video, 2019. (3 minute silent)

Viewed through a dirty window at Clärchens Ballhaus, as we zoom in, color fades. Changes take place slowly over 3 minutes so as to be almost imperceptible.