site-specific installation at The Chocolate Factory, Queens, NY

video documentation showing interior view

interior view from bottom of ramp

interior view with door open

exterior view of projection on main entrance doors of the theater

installation on a 7' x 40' ramp.

video projection on entrance doors. videos on 4 monitors stacked under stairs. projection is visible from outside the building. visitors enter through a door in the projection.

For LEVEL, the interior of the main entrance to the building is fitted with canvas to create a projection surface. The doors have glass panels that allow the projection to be viewed from both inside the space and from the sidewalk outside.

Viewers enter the building through the projection surface. They then find themselves at the top of a steep ramp (40’ long, 7’ wide) with the video projection now behind them. The feeling of entering inside the work is enhanced by the extreme dimensions of the space and the position of the projection. A stack of 4 televisions is wedged under an open metal stairway at the lower end of the ramp. The intermittent sound of metal balls rolling down the ramp echoes in the room (from SPHERE vide viewed through stairs). Most sequences in the videos were shot in the space. Some scenes were shot simultaneously from multiple camera angles. The videos coincide at intervals, heightening a sense of present and past in the same location viewers share with the work. projection- PLANE. two monitors viewed through stairs- SPHERE, STATIC. vertical monitor- INCLINE. monitor on floor- DECLINE. (all videos except SPHERE are silent). 2007