installation at ArtMoving Projects, Brooklyn, NY

view of HEDGE (projection on stacked televisions covered in canvas)

video documentation

view of AFIELD and HEDGE

view of HEDGE and FALL

2 video wall projections, audio on sculpted speakers, a video projection on televisions fitted with canvas covers and stacked and to resemble a stone wall. 20’ x 24’.

Physical interactions with landscape and recollections of cornfields converge in a mediation on perception, nature, and environmental impact. HEDGE references the tradition of dry-stone hedge building. The image of a stone wall built and disassembled is projected onto the stack of canvas covered televisions. The precarious shifts in the video heighten the physicality of the sculptural object in the viewer’s space. In FALL, I interact with landscape with references post-modern dance, Bruce Nauman’s dance-influenced bodily mappings of the studio, and cultural notions imbedded in the history of landscape painting. AFIElD (circular projection) and FURTHER AFIELD (audio work) poetically explore the the cornfield as adolescent escape, cultural symbol, and economic resource. 2007