COZY ROOM: four arguments for the elimination of television six walks in the fictional woods numbers in the dark

installation at artMoving Projects, Brooklyn, NY

installation view

individual television covered in canvas

video documentation

photograph from series

exhibition invite

1 video projection, 1 line of slide projected text, and 9 video loops played on scavenged/recycled televisions ranging in size from 9” to 27”. Each tv is covered by a fitted canvas ‘cozy’. (Individual videos are 2-40 minute loops.) 20’ x 24’.

Cozy Room invites viewers to wander through a ‘fictional woods’ to reflect on the poetry to be found in the fusion of technology and nature in our everyday environment. The project emerged from playful dialogue with three books whose titles are projected on the wall, one word after another without punctuation in a kind of found poetry that provides a frame of reference for the installation. 2005